7 days

drove to tiajuana to visit panteon graveyard with angela.

watched mexican cos play dance contest.

waited in line for two hours to get back over the border and tried to cheat past it by spending $5 on a shuttle bus over but the bus just drove next to the slowly moving line.

at 10 am took mushrooms for the first time THEN:

at 11 am took lsd for the first time. THEN:

went to all the botanicas on pico

started laughing so much at an old man at papa cristos that angela was afraid i would get arrested.

was amazed and delighted by the mix of people at papa cristos on a sunday. only in LA.

visited the party store. where are these children coming from?

looked at the book of gods and symbols of ancient mexico and saw an image of the flower god taking drugs and then walked down the street saw the same image of the flower god on a restaurant while on the same drugs.

ate shockingly great korean food.

played show with steve touchton on drones, angela on bird calls, vibrator and drums and me on gongs.

flew to beijing.

went to tea shoppee. got busted out on 30 cups of clean light brown speed. spent a lot of money of tea.

went to ceramic shoppee. was stunned by beauty. spent a lot of money on gleaming whiteness.

played festival show with liars and pharmakon. finally met angus despite having played same fest several times before and being friends with his wife. got drunk with shayna and margaret.

shayna was worshiped by 15 chinese cops.

went to forbidden city and tianamen square.

flew home and sat next to 90 year old woman who had never been on a plane before.


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