schrei x

my 5 year old nephew and i were playing video games and listening to music on shuffle.

diamanda galas came on.

he said, “this sounds like zombies and babies crying.”

i said, “is it too scary?”

he said, “no, i like it.”



today david horvitz told me that he had a friend who was on a boat and getting drunk with some buddies when a manatee floated along side of them.

the drunk friend declared he would jump onto the manatee and ride it

the other friends said, “no no you will get hurt or hurt the animal!”

the drunk friend said, “no way! i am jumping on it right now!”

he leapt over the side of the boat, but he jumped THROUGH the manatee. 

they had not realized it had been dead for weeks.

this is only photo of david and me together where we are not eating something or he is pissing on my feet.

taken by angela before udon feast in little tokyo.